Handmade in Høvåg Norway

The Avannaq is different from all other paddles, it may look like a Greenland paddle, but it is not. It is often described as a hybrid between a GP and a wing. It has an efficient blade from your hand to the tip and gives more speed and power with less effort.

+47 48 11 90 54 - jan@avannaq.com

215 cm long 10 cm wide weight 650 g 4.400,-NOK. 215 cm long 10 cm wide split model weight 750 g 5.150,-NOK. All Inclusive NO TAX/VAT. Custom made is possible like tip reinforced with High Performance Aramide fibers Kevlar or Technora, or special measures.

Design registration EU / GB / NO

International Registration Number DM/076 178 Design Number 80761780001000 ref D21772GB00 NO Registration Number.: 311684 trademark: AVANNAQ

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